Online Aromatherapy Consultation

Are you wondering which essential oils are safe to use during pregnancy?

Would you like to know which aromatherapy oils can be used safely on children?

Are you interested in finding out which essential oils you should avoid if you have high blood pressure, epilepsy or any other medical condition?

If you are, we are pleased to inform you that we are now offering Online Aromatherapy Consultation with Essential Oil Blend Customization services.


You will receive the following within 3 days:

1. A list of essential oils that can treat your condition

2. An essential oil treatment blend that has been customized according to any medical conditions you may suffer from, any allergies you may have and the scents you love

3. 20 aromatherapy recipes to treat your condition

4. Simple instructions of how you can use the essential oils at home to treat your condition

5. Confidential online aromatherapy consultation at a very cost effective price


Step 1

Choose one condition to be treated from this list:

* Acne

* Addictions like nicotine (cigarette smoking)

* Allergies

* Anger

* Anorexia (loss of appetite)

* Anxiety

* Arthritis

* Athlete’s foot

* Birthing and delivery process

* Body odor

* Breast size increase

* Burns

* Cellulite

* Common cold and flu

* Constipation

* Cuts and wounds

* Damaged hair

* Dandruff

* Depression

* Detoxification

* Dry skin

* Eczema

* Excessive sweating

* Flatulence (intestinal gas)

* Hair loss (alopecia)

* Hangovers

* Hemorrhoids

* High Blood Pressure

* Impotence and frigidity

* Indigestion

* Insect bites

* Insect repellent

* Insomnia (sleeplessness)

* Lice

* Mature skin

* Menopause symptoms

* Menstrual period problems like PMS (premenstrual syndrome), dysmenorrhea (painful periods) and irregular periods

* Mental fatigue

* Migraines and other headaches

* Muscle aches

* Muscle cramps

* Nausea and vomiting

* Oily skin

* Poor mental concentration

* Prematurely aging skin

* Psoriasis

* Ringworms

* Scars from surgery, acne, chickenpox and other conditions

* Seborrheic dermatitis

* Stress

* Stretch marks

* Urinary tract infections

* Varicose veins

* Weight loss

(You can also consult us for conditions not listed here)


Step 2

Click here to pay the Online Aromatherapy Consultation Fee and download the Aromatherapy Questionnaire


Step 3

Fill the Aromatherapy Questionnaire and send it to us using the contact form below.



Please understand that we do not send you essential oils, only the essential oil recipes. We will however send you links to where you can buy therapeutic grade essential oils.

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