Chi Repair® Sprays

Chi Repair® Sprays are useful for holistic healing because the world we live in is full of energies floating around that do not serve you. These include negative thoughts and emotions, air pollution and even chemicals. Chi Repair® brings your Aura back to its harmonic fractal state and helps the natural chi to flow through.

Your body is like an instrument which can get out of tune. However, Chi Repair® with its beautiful musical frequencies helps bring it back into tune.

Your body can also be likened to a battery which can get discharged. But, there are many ways to recharge it. These include eating a good meal, taking a shower, having a good night’s rest, lying on a beach or using Chi Repair® sprays to bring back your natural charge and help you tackle the world.

To get your Chi Repair® sprays visit and choose from their 12 naturally scented sprays or 12 unscented sprays.

Chi Repair® Sprays

Chi Repair® therapeutic diamond essence sprays are made from purified water, certified organic sugar cane alcohol, plant oils and hydrosols. They also contain the stabilized essences of diamonds, gems and love. The therapeutic diamonds work with your core energetic to clear old stagnate psychic energies and determined debris from your auric fields. They also add fluidity to your energy field and renew your quantum blueprints at the DNA level.

Amethyst, blue sapphire, carnelian, citrine, emerald, ruby, pink and green tourmaline are other gems used to make Chi Repair® sprays.

Consequently, Chi Repair® therapeutic diamond essence sprays will clear your Aura, tune your Aura and recharge your Aura. They will therefore enable you to perform your best by enabling you to feel refreshed, alert, calm and lightly energized.

When using these sprays, it is recommended that you begin with the unscented Chi Repair® sprays which are crisp, powerful and clear swiftly. Then, use the scented sprays which create a protective and healing cloak around you which holds onto the work you are doing.

Chi Repair® Sprays

These sprays are very easy to use because all you have to do is to shake them gently, mist your Aura, breathe deeply and relax.

To get your Chi Repair® sprays your visit and choose from 12 naturally scented sprays and 12 unscented sprays. They also have 3 smudge sprays, and 3 pet sprays.

Every order includes a special free gift spray, Euphoria and free shipping within the USA.

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